Business Presentation with Headset

One to one executive coaching
Delivered in-person or virtually

Our virtual or in-person coaching sessions focus on individual needs, applying techniques from actor training and storytelling to successfully communicate to your audience with impact and authenticity. One to one executive coaching offers the opportunity for business leaders to rehearse and polish public speaking skills in a confidential and supportive environment.


One to one coaching will take place with our theatre director and senior trainer Luke Marquez, to fine-tune your vocal and physical delivery using practical techniques from actor training, helping you to connect with your audience.


Together we will examine how to use your voice effectively in order to project naturally, as well as the use of intonation, rhythm and pause to bring your point home. We will explore your physicality, body language and gesture for maximum impact.


It is our aim to help you speak authentically, allowing your personality to shine through and better connect with your audience.

Who is it for?

Senior business leaders who want to find effective ways to deliver engaging speeches and presentations either on camera or in person.


Outcomes vary depending on individual need, and our focus will be working with you to ensure that your speech has the intended impact on your audience. However, outcomes may include:

  • How to use vocal tone and rhythm to deliver key messages that land

  • Use body-language and gesture to enhance presence

  • Find your authentic voice

  • Overcome nerves and deliver with confidence

  • Create a repeatable preparation and rehearsal process

Male Speaker

“Luke is very engaging and gave helpful, practical tips and guidance that I can put to use right away. I could see everyone's presentations improve immediately following his coaching.” 

2021, GE Global

Business Vlogger

Delivery and availability

Our 1-2-1 coaching sessions can be delivered virtually or on-site and are tailored to your needs.

Please get in touch and let us know your preferred time-frame and coaching requirement.

Why choose us?

As an actor training centre and touring theatre company, compelling story-telling and creativity are at the heart of everything we do. We train actors to step out on stage and persuade an audience to believe in a world of make-believe… and it works! 


We are experts in voice, body language and creative thinking. Whether you want to improve communication, build confidence and charisma, or become more persuasive, our approach will help you to create a positive mind-set and overcome your personal barriers.


Actor training has been creating confident and persuasive story-tellers for over 100 years. We use practical actor training techniques, to empower delegates with strategies that they can use time and time again to succeed in their role.

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