Public Speaker

Public speaking and storytelling
Delivered in-person or virtually

Our full-day or half-day training will introduce you to the fundamental strategies to deliver engaging speeches and presentations, utilising actor training techniques to master the art of storytelling.


During the workshop you will examine what makes a good story and why storytelling is such an effective tool for business leaders. You will explore storytelling structure and techniques that lead audiences on a journey of discovery, bringing to life heroes, metaphorical dragons and happy ever afters. You will use practical acting techniques to deliver your story naturally. Employing vocal and physical training to find a conversational tone and effective use of rhythm, pause and gesture to bring your point home. 


This workshop will encourage you to find the unexpected moments and engage your audience emotionally as well as intellectually. Winning both hearts and minds as a means of moving others with your vision.

Who is it for?

Business leaders who want to find effective ways to deliver engaging speeches and presentations.


  • Master the storytelling structure

  • Use words that awaken the imagination

  • Connect with your audience using emotive imagery

  • Learn how to use vocal tone and rhythm to keep your audience listening

  • Use body-language, gesture and presence

  • How to build rapport

  • Add drama to your speech

  • How to use sound, image and props effectively

  • Individual practice and feedback

  • Create a repeatable preparation and rehearsal process

Speaker with a Poduim

"I’ve been to many training events during my marketing career and this was a breath of fresh air. I found it very useful to take a new look at how I come across and if I truly engage my audience. I will now approach presentations, large or small, very differently and with greater confidence in my ability to hold the audience."

Workshop Attendee 2021, Dyson

Coworkers Talking on Video Conference

Delivery and availability for businesses 

This course can be delivered virtually, at a premises of your choice or at our studio and is limited to a maximum of 14 delegates per trainer and a minimum of 6, to ensure that everyone gets the most out of the workshop. A full day workshop is approximately 6 hours. The content of this course can also be adjusted for a half-day delivery, depending on your requirements. 

Availability and pricing is dependent upon your workshop needs. Please get in touch and let us know your preferred time-frame and training requirement.

If you would like to book for yourself or for less than 6 people, please see our 'Public speaking and storytelling for Individuals' option.

Public speaking and storytelling for individuals

Throughout the year we also offer our training courses virtually for individuals. Our next full-day course will be running in April 2022 over two 1/2 day sessions.

This training will introduce you to the fundamental strategies to deliver engaging speeches and presentations, utilising actor training techniques to master the art of storytelling.

Virtual Team Meeting
Public speaking and storytelling
28 Apr, 09:00 BST
Delivered Online

“Really good and practical information about presentational skills, which was different from and complementary to what is taught in the traditional Advocacy workshops at the Inn and elsewhere."

Workshop Attendee 2022, Lincoln's Inn

Why choose us?

As an actor training centre and touring theatre company, compelling story-telling and creativity are at the heart of everything we do. We train actors to step out on stage and persuade an audience to believe in a world of make-believe… and it works! 


We are experts in voice, body language and creative thinking. Whether you want to improve communication, build confidence and charisma, or become more persuasive, our approach will help you to create a positive mind-set and overcome your personal barriers.


Actor training has been creating confident and persuasive story-tellers for over 100 years. We use practical actor training techniques, to empower delegates with strategies that they can use time and time again to succeed in their role.

Public Speaker