Stage Combat

The Actors' Institute has teamed up with The Action Emporium and the Academy of Performance Combat (APC) to offer Equity recognised exam courses in stage combat.

We offer intensive courses throughout the year in disciplines such as unarmed, single sword, knife, sword and shield, broadsword and stick fighting.

APC Qualifications

The APC is one of the leading stage combat training and examining bodies in the UK delivering highly acclaimed training certifications, which are industry and equity recognised.

Training at the Actors' Institute will give you the opportunity to work towards achieving Basic, Intermediate and Advanced APC qualifications:


Basic qualification 

This qualification is the industry standard and is expected of actors breaking into the profession. Studying a minimum of three weapon systems including single sword, unarmed and one more from the ten strong basic syllabi available this training gives any actor the fundamental understanding of safety, technique and variety that will be required of them on stage and screen.

Intermediate qualification 

Available to anyone that has a minimum of three weapons at basic (inc. single sword & unarmed) the Intermediate level builds on and reinforces  the foundations of technique, safety and performance already learnt.  Choreography is more complex, routines are longer and more weapon options are available opening up a wider variety of options and opportunities within the industry.

Advanced qualification

Available to anyone with three weapons at Intermediate, the Advanced qualification raises the bar yet again.  The student must perform with 5 weapons demonstating the standard of performance and technique has increased, the complexity of routines  will be harder and the ability to pick up and learn routines at speed. 


Classes are taught by

Tom Jordan

Tom Jordan is a professional Fight Choreographer and Stage Combat Instructor who works in Drama Schools and Theatres across the UK.


As well as leading the stage combat programme at the Actors' Institute, he is an Associate Practitioner and Choreographer for the Royal Shakespeare Company, experienced instructor and Vice Chairman of the Academy of Performance Combat, and is an associate teacher at Guildford School of Acting and the Institute of Contemporary Theatre.

He also runs The Action Emporium, which delivers APC exam courses from Basic to Honours.